Entry #1

New project

2010-10-01 09:57:32 by Declompser

Hi guys im working on a project for my first ever actual madness movie sort of thing :D no idea how long it will be but wish me luck for it :)


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2010-10-18 08:05:39

I wish you luck! I got my little series started as well :D

Declompser responds:



2010-10-22 15:30:10

Please don't steal ideas from other people. It won't end well.
Also, it appears that you are under-aged for this site.

Declompser responds:

And i know i do feel bad about stealing ideas from Xionic but hes such a good animtor :L i might just start my designs again haha :) and how im 21??


2011-02-28 10:58:29

You're from the UK? Well that's cool, me too.

Good luck.

Declompser responds:

Haaha ye UK! and thanks alot :)


2011-06-10 02:11:57

Lol I'm a lot like you. I'm 12, I'm planning a madness series that may remind xionic madness, I Live in europe. Well good luck with that "Derelict madness" You are doing